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20 September 2019
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11 April 2020
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Edward H. Tarr passed away

JF Madeuf et Edward H. Tarr

Remise du prix européen de la culture à Edward Tarr à l’hôtel de ville de Bâle le 21 novembre 2013 (de g. à d.: JFM, Irmtraud Krüger-Tarr & Edward H. Tarr, Philip Tarr)

JF Madeuf et Edward H. Tarr
Presentation of the European Culture Prize to Edward Tarr in Basel townhall, november 21st 2013 (from left to right: JFM, Irmtraud Krüger-Tarr & Edward H. Tarr, Philip Tarr)

The great trumpet player, pionnier in the field of early music died on Thursday the 24th of march at the age of 83…

He was, at the same time, player in the first ensembles of early music witch dedicated to « historically informed practice » in the seventies like Collegium Aureum ; teacher of the first natural trumpet class at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Basel from 1972 to 2001; musicologist and author of numerous articles and books; publisher of forgotten pieces for trumpet; collector of early historic instruments and director of trumpet museum in Bad Säckingen; invited expert in many international trumpet competitions/contest… and great amateur of wine and cigare! So, all trumpeters in the world owe him a lot!

He wasn’t my teacher at Schola Cantorum Basiliensis because my project to study there couldn’t happen at that time, but I am honored to have been, years after, his follower and I owe him a lot too : the reading of his book The trumpet, published in French version in 1977 by Payot éditions, when I was still a teenager, was certainly deciding in my career, without any idea of that at this moment… So thanks a lot Ed !