Les Trompettes des Plaisirs

Reunited around Jean-François Madeuf, specialist player of the natural trumpet of the Baroque era, these musicians – taking their evocative name from the four « blowers » in the service of the King of France, sounding their instruments in front of his carriage – give honor again to this royal instrument, thus renewing the tradition of the Grande Ecurie making music outdoors.

Playing their instrument in its original form, without any of the systems of vent holes in use today on the majority of so-called « baroque » trumpets, and supported by the timpani with its heads made of animal skins, they put themselves forward for productions either in the open air or otherwise associated with sumptuous historical organs in the service of an original repertoire and astounding sonorities of music from the 17th and 18th centuries.


The musicians

  • Jean-François Madeuf, Joël Lahens, Gilles Rapin & Pierre-Yves Madeuf, natural trumpets & horns
  • Jean Chamboux, baroque kettledrums  & percussions